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Related article: Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 17:22:28 -0800 (PST) From: tjade Subject: Class Disruption; Part 1- Died and went to heavenThe characters in this story are based upon characters from my real life. I however do not claim to know the sexuality of any of these characters, nor do I claim that any of these events ever happened; this story is simply a presentation of fiction. The material used in this story defloration pedo includes sexual acts between two or more males, each of at least 18 years of files pedo nude age.Hi, my name is Tjade (pronounced like jade), and this is a story about what I WISH my experiences of US History pedo 12 yo was like. I hope you enjoy it, and I am open to all kinds of criticism sent to my email Thank you. Class Disruption Part 1- Died and went to heaven It was almost 5:30, Saturday evening, and Laurel and I were waiting outside the front office of Coaldale Helm High School. We were going to be the first to receive our school schedules and more importantly, our Community Service Ambassador assignments. Laurel spent most of her LIFE in the dance gym with Ms. Woody, the drill team director, and hoped that she would be assigned as dance gym usage coordinator or personal assistant to Ms. Woody. She also told me many times that she would enjoy almost any job at the elementary schools; she pedofilia nude adored every type of little kids, including the super annoying ones. I, on the other hand, only sought one free legal pedo pics option: personal assistant to Mr. Lance Brandt, the social studies coordinator and department chair. He only taught senior classes so I had pedo tiny sex never had him before. Ever since I had seen him my pedo litlle teen freshman year, I new I had to find away to get closer to him. Every time he passed me in the hallway, I would just gawk at him. He was the most gorgeous man I had baby pics pedo child ever seen in my life."What the fuck is taking them so long," Laurel barked, pulling me out of the trance her perfume placed upon my consciousness."Shhh! Don't be pedo illegal preeteen girls so loud! I'm guessing Ms. Brown is right on the other side of the door!" I quickly hushed her. It was only 5:24. People began to accumulate in the hallway.I kept thinking to myself, `Please get Mr. Brandt! Please get Mr. Brandt!' Then a smirk found its way across Laurel's face, and as pedo erotica if she knew exactly what I was thinking to myself, she blurted out, "You're gonna jinx it!" I winked at her with a big smile on my face.Then, every head in the hallway turned to the door of the front office, as we heard the bold yet soft clop clop of Ms. Brown's unambiguous Italian heals. I looked over at Laurel with a hopeful face as she quickly took my hand. I suddenly began to notice how dramatic we were making this out to be. The familiar sound of pedo porn site the door unlocking, stimulated everyone to start moving towards the door.The pedosex 3d large brown oak flat flew toward us, revealing the beaming smile Ms. Brown sported as she ushered us all into the office. We scurried to the long large table that was marked with various letters in the alphabet symbolizing which zeps guide pedo line we were to get into to receive our next year's schedule and ambassador assignments. Laurel and I parted as her last name began with an "O". I got into the line marked "A-H". There was a terribly dressed woman with very cheep lipstick standing behind the table waiting, "Last name please?""Goalind""Oooookay. Ah! Here we are! Tjaden Goalind! See you next year!" said the lady with an extremely perky, almost frightening smile.I quickly opened the envelope concealing my schedule and year assignments. I unfolded the papers and turned to the page marked "Community Service Ambassador"."We are please to inform you that you have been accepted as a Community Service Ambassador, and that we have acknowledged your request for the position as Personal Assistant to Mr. Lance Brandt. You start your job August 17th, two days before school starts. Congratulations, and don't make us regret our decision!""Oh my gosh! Tjade! Guess what position I made for the Ambassador thingy! Personal assistant to Woody! What'd you get?""Mr. Brandt's assistant!!!!""Yes!" she screamed, high-fiving me. I then realized that I was so eager to see what incest pedo mom I got for the position, that I completely forgot to look free pedo sex movies at my classes, which was supposed to be the reason why we came early anyway. I reopened the envelope to find my schedule; Laurel followed suit.Blah blah blah, Statistics AP with Ms. Barselon, Psych AP with Ms. free video pedo Killwren, US History AP with-"Oh, oh m-my God," I barely said."What?""Look who I got for US History!"Pause"Oh. pedo kiddy top 50 My kds pedo thumbs GOD! Tjade you are SO lucky! Mr. Brandt?""Yes! I can't believe I got him! I have him for a class too!" I was so excited! It was as if I had died and gone to heaven! This was amazing! It was definitely going to be my favorite year of high school.As we walked back to our cars, Laurel and I found out that we had pedo mom forum Stats, English, and Psychology together. We said our goodbyes as we lowered into our cars, still with smiles on our faces. It daily pedo gallery was time to go home and get ready for my first underground pedo pics day as Mr. Brandt's assistant tomorrow! I was so ecstatic, I could barely stay on the road before dazing off, thinking of what it was going to be like as his assistant.When I got home I dialed Mr. Brandt's phone number that was conveniently listed on the Ambassador Assignments page in the envelope I had just gotten."Hello?" Oh God, his voice was divine; that kind of voice that's just deep enough to make you weak at pedo illegal preeteen girls the knees."Oh, er, yes. Mr. Brandt?""Speaking,""Hi, my name is Tjade Goalind. I'm a Community Service Ambassador, and today we received the position as your personal assistant and-""Oh! Yeah! I signed pedo porn site up for one of those! So when do you start?""Um, well it says nude loita pedo I start tomorrow, but it didn't say what time. Was there a certain time you wanted me to come up to the school?""Hmmm. How about you come up at about 4 in the afternoon, and we can get started! How does that sound?""That sounds great! I'll see you there.""Do you know where my classroom is?""Yeah, I'm in your class too, so it gave me your room number and everything,""Oh great! Okay. Well then I'll see you tomorrow!""Cant wait!""Alright, bye!" I was completely dazed. I couldn't waited for tomorrow so that I could hang out with him!I also could not get to sleep; I was just too excited! It finally came to me at about 2:00.I woke up at young girl pedo porno about noon and stumbled into the kitchen to poor a bowl of Apple Loops. They were what I ate in the morning of a good day, and this was definitely a good day. I quickly remembered what I was to be doing later today which added a little pep in my step. I was all excited again, and there was not a bite of cereal that went by without a smile on my face.The next few hours went by slowly. I did a little reading, watched some television, and about 30 minutes of condition swimming. Then it was time to get ready. I took a nice long yet cold shower- training for a swimming test that was I was to be taking soon child pedo porn pics in icy cold water, I shaved, moussed my hair, japanes pedophilia free brushed my teeth, put on my absolute best shirt and khakis, and fled out the door. I noticed I seemed to be speeding a lot on the way. What a surprise.I got to the school and realized that I had butterflies in my stomach. pedo mom forum It was weird; I had never been nervous for anything before. I didn't know why I was all the sudden. It seemed illegal pedo movie like it took forever to get to his class room. He was in the very back hall of the school. It took even longer than normal since I had parked in the senior parking lot. Today it didn't seem like such a privilege to have our very own parking lot since it pedo little girls appeared to be the lot that was farthest away from the academic halls.I walked up in front of his door and hesitated. The lights were on in his room, and he had his back to the door. He was putting up a poster on pedophil porno pics the opposite wall. I was startled at his attire; I thought he was going to wear a dress shirt and slacks, but then I remembered that it wasn't a school day yet. He was wearing a grey muscle tee and some slightly shorter than normal blue athletic shorts. I had never seen him like this before. sites pedofi fotos Every time I ever saw him in the hall at school, he was always wearing very classy clothes, sometimes even a tie. I suddenly felt overdressed. But now he was so... undressed. I watched pedofilia video boy sex his beautifully toned alfasex kiddy pedo butt flex and unflex as he would rise on his tippy-toes to free legal pedo pics reach higher on the wall. I watched his colossal biceps bulge over and over again as he smoothed out the poster. It was amazing- I think my jaw even dropped for a few minutes. I fell even more out of reality when he turned around, still not aware of my arrival as he was looking some other posters he had on a desk in front of him, and I saw his face again. He was so gorgeous: those sexy, masculine cheekbones, the glasslike, incredible, brown eyes. He turned around again with another poster in his hands and moved to another point on the wall and began to mount the second poster. I suddenly realized that I was still staring at him so I opened the door.He turned around and a smile raced across his face as his eyes found mine. He suddenly looked me up and daily pedo gallery down; his eyes lingering just below my belt and a smirk ran across his face. As his eyes returned to mine he said, "And you must be Tuh-jade!"There it was: his first and last mistaken pronunciation of my name. If it was going to happen again, there'd be a problem, "Oh, it's pronounced like the color: like free pedo porn sites jade,""Oh, I'm sorry. It's nice to meet you Tjade," he said with the sexiest smile a man could sport on his face as he extended a manly hand. I silently hoped that I being turned on by his every action wasn't apparent in my pants; I glanced down at my crotch for a split second.I took his hand, "It's good to finally meet you too,""So uh, should we get started?" he asked with a questioning look on his face. Then he turned and walked back to his piles of posters on the desk."Oh, er, sure Mr. Brandt," I said.He quickly stopped in his track, turned back around to face me and with that sexy smile again, he said pedo 12 yo very slowly, "Please. Call me Lance,"I had to smiles back, but when I smiled, I found myself using the kind of smile I use when I'm flirting. He didn't seem to notice, or if he did he didn't show it. I walked over to his pile of posters as he lifted up the one he was working on when I first walked in the door. "You wanna help me with this one? You are slightly taller than me anyway," he said playfully. Man, if it was going to be like his everyday, I'd never want to leave."Sure," I laughed.We worked on giving his room color for another couple hours. At one point he decided to get a ladder. Every time he climbed up on it, I'd have a nice view of his dick beneath his thin athletic pedo jeans tgp shorts that would then be at face level- which would now be sporting a big smile.At about 6:30 he came down from the ladder and walked over to his desk. He sat down at his computer and started to surf around. I noticed the sweat that started to show up alpha toplist pedo on his face and chest. It was sexy as hell. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I'm pretty sure that by this point I was starting to get hard. Suddenly he looked up from the computer at the clock, "Hey, it's free pedo porn sites like 6:30. You wanna go and kds pedo thumbs get something to eat with me?""Sure!" I said hoping that I didn't sound too excited. He laughed, logged off the computer, and stood up readjusting his very impressive package longer than was polite. I pedo 12 yo stared, and I'm pretty sure he noticed."Chili's sound good to you?" I started to pull out my wallet to make sure I had enough money to pay for such a nice restaurant- "Uh! No, I'll pay for this one," he said with a satisfied grin on his face."Oh. Thank you Mr. Bra- er, Lance,""Okay, I'll drive. But let's stop by my house really quick so I can change. I'm all sweaty from all that decorating. (I know, and I'm enjoying it) I'll be quick," he looked at me for approval."Yeah that's sites pedofi fotos fine," I said smiling.He had a very clean, very shiny black F150. After he changed clothes, we got to Chili's and were immediately seated since it was a Monday night. We gave the waitron our drink orders and got situated. I immediately dove into conversation, "So are you married?" I asked remembering the picture of him and another woman hugging on his desk."No. The only woman in my life is my galleries off pedo pictures sister. We're really close,""Is that the picture of the woman on your desk?" I asked, suddenly realizing that I might have gotten too personal."Yes. Isn't she gorgeous? I love her a lot," he said with a thin smile on his face. I nodded as my reply. The waitron brought our drinks to the table. He ordered a Heineken and I ordered a coke with no ice, as usual. We both took our initial sips of the drinks and sat back in our seats. We were sitting in a booth."So, what about you, Tjade?" he leaned forward to where his head was in the light from the hanging lamp above, "Do you have a boyfriend?"I was shocked. I didn't know that I was that obvious in front of him. Maybe he caught me staring at him, or maybe he noticed my constant dazing every time he smiled at me. I felt like I should have been a little offended with his forward question, but for some reason I wasn't, "No, I'm just flyin' solo right now," I finally answered. He seemed to be relieved as he leaned back in his seat again and laughed.Later on, the waitron came back and took our meal orders. I ordered Blackened Chicken Alfredo, and he ordered the same after me. We ate while talking about super light topics. For some reason, the night reminded me a lot of a date. I was really enjoying myself."Ooooh, I'm stuffed to the max," he said with a playful smile on his face. pedofilia nude He dropped his napkin in his lap and brought his pedo sex dolls arms over his head to stretch. He straightened his legs out until they touched mine, but when he brought his arms back down, he kept his legs right on mine. It startled me, but I didn't move. I started to smile."Me too," I said to him with another flirty smile, "I can't take another bite of anything!" I stretched my arms out and pressed pedo titties my legs a little harder towards his."You wanna share a dessert?" he asked with a mischievous grin on his face.Now, in any other circumstance, I would have said absolutely not; I was really stuffed. But since he said share I said, "Definitely!" again hoping I didn't sound too excited. He laughed.We ordered a brownie volcano. The waitron brought two spoons for us and we dug in. We playfully fought over some of the last bites. It was really cute. Again, it reminded me so much of a date."Alright, it's getting late. I think I better take you home before you parents eat me," I agreed although I seriously doubted my parents even cared if I came home at all. I also didn't want to leave him. I had so much fun with him all evening. He was the sweetest guy I had met in a while.He paid for the meal and took his feet away from mine. I suddenly felt a little emptier. He tipped the waitron very liberally, and he motioned for me to follow him to the door.On the way home, we talked about what he young china pedo had planned for the files pedo nude upcoming year and how he was excited that I would pedo illegal preeteen girls be in his class. He said that whenever I wanted I could ask for extra help.I looked over at him; he was smiling. He looked amazing in his black button down shirt and black slacks. His hair was slicked forward and flipped up in the pedo jeans tgp front. His watch's head reflected the light from the passing buildings. He smelled like cinnamon.He looked over at me, still smiling. I quickly looked down in mild embarrassment, also still smiling. He extended a finger and gently pushed my head up to look at him, "You're a cute kid. You know that?" he said. I giggled softly.We child pedo porn pics talked a little more about what we were going to do on the following day before we finally pedo baby fuck toplist arrived again at the school. I would have let him drop me off at my house, but my car was still at the school.He parked a couple spots away from my car so we got out, and he walked me over to my car. I went around to the driver's side door. He stood in front of my door as I opened it, "Well, I had a really great time, Lance," I said with a very genuine smile."I did too, Tjade," he replied bringing a hand up to where I had mine rested on the top of pedo free preview the door. He gently rubbed my wrist with his thumb, and with the fotos pedofilia kind of face you'd want to tell everything to, he said, "See you tomorrow,"I pedo jeans tgp got into the car and pedo suckers drove home, slightly dazed the whole way.When I got home I laid in my bed thinking about what had just happened. I was so happy, but at the incest kiddy pedo pics same time, I was kind of confused. Was he acting as more than a friend toward me or was he just Italian? I know I was being a little flirtatious. free pedo passwords txt And wasn't he like 30? However puzzled I was, I finally found myself reach down for my cock that had hardened more and more since I started to think about him.Thanks for reading my first entry to Nifty ever! Seriously, I'd like as much feedback as I could get. tjadedrummersbcglobal.netThis entry only took a couple days to write, so I think it's safe to say I'll have the next one out pretty soon!
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